No parabens.


No mineral oils.


Just all natural.


Gentle to the skin.


As it should be.




Hot topic: shaving your balls

Hot topic : shaving balls The Brazilian wax, completely bald or a nice figure, already an ordinary subject among women. But how often are you in the pub and discuss with your friends how everyone shaves his balls? Never. So that’s why we do it. Can you shave your balls? Yes you can, and to…

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Sport, is it really necessary?

Sport … a sweaty challenge Every guy knows that eternal struggle whether to work out or not. It seems like such a challenge to get yourself into your workout clothes. But once you’re there, you’ll always feel like you’re doing just fine (compared to that poor guy working his weights over there). And you know:…

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Real men eat meat

Real men eat meat, right? Let’s go back in time. There was a time that we created a stereotype around real men. A real man was a tough guy standing behind the BBQ with big chucks of meat. Preferably hunted and shot by himself. He had a Viking-like beard and cursed like a pirate. That…

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The effects of alcohol in the bathroom

The effects of alcohol in the bathroom Let’s face it: we like our Friday nights with a cold beer or a good glass of wine. We do know it’s not the healthiest choice, so everything in moderation. Of course. Did you know that drinking alcohol also affects your skin? Alcohol will widen the blood vessels…

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Kaerel cares.

Kaerel takes good care of man & the planet.

And that’s why we make crap-free personal care products, especially for men.

Our products are made with ingredients that have natural origins. No crap in your body, no crap in the water, no crap in nature. And does what it supposted to do.

That’s what Kaerel stands for.