Standard Terms & Conditions

Concerning deliveries to the consumer

Article 1 – Company details

  1. Kaerel skin care is part of Petit&Jolie B.V., a private limited company incorporated under Dutch law.
  2. Petit&Jolie B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht [NL] under number 58795731. Its VAT number is NL8531.85.098B01.
  3. Any queries can be sent by email to

Article 2 – Definitions

  1. ‘Kaerel skin care’ is the user of these Standard Terms & Conditions and operator of the Kaerel skin care webshop.
  2. ‘Consumer’ is the natural person who buys products from Kaerel skin care other than in the course of a profession and/or business.
  3. A ‘Contract’ remains in effect until the time of delivery.

Article 3 – General

  1. These Terms & Conditions apply to all offers, quotations and contracts between Kaerel skin care and the consumer of products from Kaerel skin care’s webshop.
  2. Any deviation from these Terms & Conditions is only valid if that deviation is explicitly agreed in writing.
  3. The applicability of any other terms and conditions, imposed by the consumer, is expressly rejected.
  4. If one or more of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions are invalid or declared void, the remaining provisions of these Terms & Conditions will continue to have full effect.
  5. If it transpires that one or more of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, or any other contract with Kaerel skin care violates any mandatory statutory provision or any applicable legal provision or regulation, such provision will be deemed to have lapsed and will be replaced by a new, legally permissible and comparable provision to be determined by Kaerel skin care.

Article 4 – Prices and payment method

  1. All prices are quoted in euros, inclusive of VAT and exclusive of postage and packing. Postage charges are for the account of the consumer.
  2. Kaerel skin care is entitled to alter the sale price of products as necessary and at its discretion.
  3. When an order is placed, the P&P charges are specified and charged separately on the invoice.
  4. Orders placed via the Kaerel skin care webshop can only be prepaid via IDeal or by means of a bank transfer. On receipt of payment, Kaerel skin care will proceed to send the order.

Article 5 – Availability of products / delivery time

  1. If the products ordered are in stock, and delivery is to be made within the Netherlands, the order will be delivered within five (5) working days.
  2. If one or more products are not in stock, the consumer will be informed within two (2) working days of the revised delivery date and any partial deliveries.
  3. If the delivery of either all or part of the order cannot be made within seven (7) working days, the order will automatically be cancelled; the consumer will be informed of this cancellation immediately by email. If the delivery of either all or part of the order is cancelled, the relevant amount will be refunded to the consumer within seven (7) working days.

Article 6 – Delivery method

  1. All deliveries will be sent via TNT Post. The risk of damage or loss during transport is for the account of the consumer.

Article 7 –Sale-or-return deadline and Right of withdrawal

  1. A sale-or-return deadline applies to all orders placed via the webshop. This deadline is thirty (30) days. This means that the consumer has thirty (30) calendar days after delivery of the products in which to decide whether to keep or return the product(s); within this period, the consumer can return the product(s) and cancel the contract without giving any reason.
    Products must be returned in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging together with the packing slip/invoice; name and address details of the consumer and his/her bank account number must also be enclosed.
    Returns must be sent to the following address:
    Petit&Jolie B.V. – Kaerel skin care
    Catharijnesingel 90
    3511 GR Utrecht
    the Netherlands.
    The price of products returned in this way and within the sale-or-return deadline will be refunded in full by Kaerel skin care.
  2. Refunds for returned products will be made to the bank account number specified by the consumer within fourteen (14) calendar days of the receipt of the products by Kaerel skin care.
  3. Postage charges for returned products are for the account of the consumer.

Article 8 – Guarantee

  1. Kaerel skin care guarantees that its products are produced with the greatest care and from only the best ingredients. Nevertheless, if there is anything wrong with a product you can return the remainder in the original packaging to Kaerel skin care at the following address:
    Petit&Jolie B.V. – Kaerel skin care
    Catharijnesingel 90
    3511 GR Utrecht
    the Netherlands.
    Please state the problem or complaint clearly. If the complaint is found to be justified, you will receive a replacement product free of charge.
  2. Any compensation for damage as a result of the product failing to comply with the product specifications is limited at all times to the value of the replacement product.
  3. Kaerel skin care expressly excludes all damage which is the direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of its products.

Article 9 – Privacy

  1. Kaerel skin care takes great care to ensure full compliance with the provisions of Dutch law and regulations with regard to personal data.
  2. All information that Kaerel skin care has at its disposal in the context of the website or the webshop is used exclusively for the purpose for which it was provided by the consumer.
  3. Personal information about a consumer will never be made available to third parties other than the competent authorities.

Article 10 – Disputes

  1. All transactions conducted via the website or the webshop are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
  2. All purchases made via the website are governed exclusively by the Terms and Conditions of Kaerel skin care.
  3. Complaints about products or service will be answered within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt.
  4. Price changes and publication errors are expressly excepted.