Kaerel skin care was set up in 2016.

After Petit&Jolie – a range of natural care products for babies – had been established a couple of years previously, I felt it was high time to turn my attention to the menfolk, because there are very few natural products for men on the market at the moment.
I had noticed at the various Trade Fairs I’d visited that you could get plenty of ‘natural’ products for everyone – babies, children and us ladies – except men. That needed to change, because men use personal care products too. And that is what sowed the seeds for Kaerel.

I shared my idea with various male friends and their usual response was:
Is natural so much better, then, than the brands you get from the drugstore or perfumery counter?
The answer is simple: Yes. Because natural products aren’t full of crap.

You don’t really want to be rubbing ingredients of unknown origin or, even worse, derived from crude oil, into your skin. And that goes for men as well. In addition, a natural product doesn’t contain any microplastics that will be rinsed off down the shower drain and ultimately end up polluting the oceans.

This was a pretty strong argument and more and more men became eager to know more about Kaerel.

I sat around the table with those same men – young and old, bearded and clean-shaven, fair and dark-haired – to find out what they thought was important.

The products needed to be multi-purpose, no nonsense, and with a subtle scent. Product development commenced and samples were tested. And tested yet again. Our test panel washed, shaved and rubbed – not just once, but many times over – until we finally arrived at the range that is available today. After six months of testing, we have the 3 basics products that all men can use. The test panel is happy with them, and so am I. And I really hope you will be too.