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Kaerel is just one click away. Always. No fuss, no bother.

As a club member, you automatically receive a Kaerel package once every three months, containing:

1 x Face cream
1 x Shaving cream
1 x Shampoo & Shower gel
1 x Deodorant

How does it work?
A set amount is paid from your bank account by direct debit each quarter. A message is sent to you a week before the payment is processed. After payment, you receive the Kaerel package at the specified address within 5 working days.

Want to join Kaerel’s club?
In that case you pay EUR 37,50 for a set instead of EUR 39,99 (excl. P&P). Find here all information of P&P.

You can sign up here in just a few simple steps, and cancel at any time you want.

No fuss. Always.