Crap-free. Natural. No nonsense.

That was the idea, when Kaerel first saw the light of day in Utrecht [NL] in 2017. And that idea has been developed and produced.

Kaerel makes it easy for men to take care of themselves and nature at the same time. We do that by producing effective, natural products, especially for men.

Good for you, good for nature.

That’s our mission statement.

Kaerel cares.

That’s the reason why Kaerel supports the
Plastic Soup Surfer.

The Plastic Soup Surfer is Merijn Tinga. He is a surfer, biologist and artist.

His mission is to grow the awareness of on-going pollution of our water by plastic. By setting up campagnes through his surfboards, which are made of recycled plastic. One of his campagnes was subbing down the Rhijn from the source in the mountains till the end of the river in the North Sea. And see when the plastic sollution starts.

The Plastic Soup Surfer is making valiant efforts to prevent even more plastic finding its way into our environment.

His effort and creative campagnes, we support wholeheartedly.
So we donate 1% of our turnover to The Plastic Soup Surfer.